spectacular fireworks with bride and groom in Tinakily Country House

With a winding driveway, woodland setting and handsome house facade Tinakilly house wedding is every bit a fairytale venue. If you looking for a place close to Dublin – Tinakilly Country House is the right spot. Located just off M50 is one of the closest country houses near the city with a tranquil settlement. Tinakilly has its own beautiful marquee-style pavilion on site. Tinakilly House is a little hidden gem in Wicklow with a really relaxing and chilled vibe, perfect for a party. The combination of hospitality, professionalism and amazing food of course Tinakilly House wedding is really remarkable.

If you love the idea of marquee weddings but would prefer not to deal with all logistics why not check this place? Host your ceremony in one of their finest room or garden. A clear marquee draped in fairy lights creates a magical ambience once the sunsets. The hotel is renowned for its warm service and quality food. A celebration here encompasses the best of Wicklow charms. Their bridal suite has nice quality light so important for great photography.


Your professional photos are going to be gorgeous, but it’s always fun to have photos of the night taken from your guests’ perspectives. Leave disposable cameras at each table and let your guests get snap happy with them. Put someone in charge of collecting them at the end of the night and when you eventually get around to having them developed. You’re sure to have an array of funny pics, amongst all the stunning selfies.

Tinakilly house wedding, wedding in Tinakilly
bride after morning preperation ready to leave bridal suite
married man and women in tinakilly country house garden


Give each of your guests a paper lantern and as soon as it gets dark, bring everyone outside to light them and send them up into the night sky. It’s a lovely thing to do together and makes for a beautiful photo opportunity. Ask your wedding photographer to take some creative night shots. It takes a bit of effort to do it but if it’s done right you will cherish it forever.

Tinakilly Country House 00003
Tinakilly Country House 00004
Tinakilly Country House 00005

Your veil will look beautiful on the stairs leading to the garden.

Tinakilly Country House 00006
wedding tables layout set inside marque
Tinakilly House Wedding – Dinning room

Sunset in Tinakilly House Weddings is in did spectacular. Go out for 5-10 min to capture it.

couples  in sunset at Tinakilly House
Bride and groom entrence to ceremony in Tinakilly House

Smile happy when entrance for the dinner in the pavilion.

happy bride wearing flower crown walk into pavilon for dinner

Take your bridal party outside the main entrance to Tinakily for a perfectly natural and funny photograph.

laughing girls in Tinakilly House garden