Wedding in Markree Castle co.Sligo 00040

Markree Castle Wedding is an old mansion building in Collooney Co. Sligo, and actually on my doorstep. It’s a venue where I work most in Sligo. Every year I shoot a lot of weddings in this place. If you consider a castle wedding it’s number one not only in Sligo but I think is one of the finest castles in Ireland. Markree Castle looks totally different today than it was a couple of years ago. Now it’s the wedding venue with high-quality service, an impressive interior to the highest standard. Starting from accommodation for couples a beautifully decorated dining room and old chapel with lots of character. It can really make an impact when you see it live. Also, their garden is perfect for your wedding photos. I do not like if it’s over-manicured. If the area is more natural-looking it’s better for your photographs. If you consider a castle wedding it’s number one, not only in Sligo but I think is one of the finest castles in Ireland


You visit Markkre castle for first time and you will know straight away “I love to get married here”. From the luxurious dining room to the entertainment suite downstairs in the basement for the party after the meal. As dog lovers we loved the Irish Wolfhound Roisin that lived at the castle and was eager to include her in our wedding, she even made it to our pictures. Having the whole castle for ourselves is so great. The choice of the month was July, this is the best time for the party. We were lucky with the weather to be able to have our drinks reception in the castle terrace and our photographs were taken among the beautiful grounds which included a charming boathouse. Not every wedding is as laid back as this one. Today wedding is laid back story of Caroline and Sean, who get married in a local church in Sligo with celebration and late-night dancing in Markree. It was nice to photograph all drink reception when guests flooded outside to enjoy champagne in the sunshine. This time I work with one of my recommended videographer George B.Grifin

Do not wait . If you are about to check get married in 2021 lets check this wedding venue. Contact Markree Castle team Nicholas or Dierdre. They are there to show you castle and grounds. I’m sure you will be smitten how beautifully after extensively renovation this place looks.