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Ballybeg House Wedding

Ballybeg House Wedding venue beautifully settled overlooking Croghan Valley. Ballybeg House in Tinahely is a colonial-style lodge. Weddings in this spectacular place are really unique. Cather for up to 170 guests in a marquee style tent. Ballybehg House has also approved civil ceremonies also. All can be arranged in a medieval-style room on-site – The Ayers room.

For bride and grooms who decide to tie the knot venue provide two locations for morning preparation. Grouse lodge for bride and bridesmaids. Amazing stone cottage in Wicklow mountain. Just a short drive distance from the venue and groom and groomsman in the main house.


Luke and Sarah, planned their Ballybeg House Wedding the whole way down from Australia! Seems like both have their heart set on it being relaxed, intimate rather than a traditional wedding. So the two spent a bit of time preparing all the details, and there was a lot of personalised bits and pieces around all the house.

Whatever we are going for full-on princes or pared-back glamour, every bride wants to feel totally gorgeous on the wedding day, right? And this is how  Sarah exactly looks. She wears an elegant dress and Luke shows that the groom can have some great style also. Anybody can put on a suit, but it is the accessories that show your personality.  It takes a while when he gets his hair perfect ready:) But it all was worth it. They both look not only elegant but also extremely happy.

Thanks to Tee from  Pairs and Peaches Event for all help  (this girl can organize some cool wedding party!)

The highlight of the day for us was our ceremony. Marrying each other and having our parents, closest friends and family around us was the happiest and most content feeling in the world. We enjoyed every second of the ceremony & didn’t want it to end. The ceremony room in Ballybeg House was intimate and cosy and was exactly how we pictured our ceremony to be. We gave each bridesmaid and groomsman a task during the ceremony which worked really well so they each had a special part to play.


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Humanistic Ceremony was filled with their closest family and friends, in the distinctive medieval room on site. The day was relaxed with guests laughing and mingling as they enjoyed mulled wine, which is perfect for a winter drink reception. It was really pleasuring for me to photograph their day from preparation until dancing. I have a few more Ballybeg House weddings to be photographed, so check the blog frequently to see more weddings from this place.

We didn’t do much planning for the first year of our engagement but we did make a vision board with the help of Wedding magazines such as Confetti and the use of Pinterest so this helped Luke and I get a clear picture of our theme and the little personal touches that we wanted to include on the day. When it came to one year away, we started properly planning and booking things in. We finalised a number of things in the first four months such as the venue, celebrant, hair and makeup, caterer and music and then took a few months to break.

Tee, Co-ordinator of Pairs and Peaches Wedding and Event management was fantastic. Tee’s coordinating and event planning meant that we had someone who could direct us on what needed to be done and when every step of the way. Given that we were planning our wedding from a distance, all her suggestions for celebrants, music, hair and makeup etc pointed us in the right direction. She kept in regular contact via email and even made herself available to our family when they had queries and requests.

The help from our family, friends and Tee helped us as we knew we would only have about two weeks in Ireland prior to our Wedding day. We didn’t have the opportunity to see Ballybeg House in person before booking it but trusted the judgement of our parents who went to see the venue and were then able to give us their feedback. Having to ‘meet’ suppliers over the phone or via email instead of face to face was also a challenge as well as the time difference.  

What is the best piece of advice to other couples planning a wedding?

Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times as you most likely have not planned a wedding before so our advice would be to let the people around you help you. Your family and friends are so excited to be part of your special day, including the planning and organising so let them help you to ease the pressure. On the actual Wedding day itself, just enjoy every minute from the time you wake up to before you go asleep that night. The day goes so fast and you want to make sure that you have as many memories from the day as you possible.