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Hi, I’m Darek Novak, a wedding photographer based in Sligo Ireland. I start my photography in Ireland in 2009. Since then my business grows and today it’s my everyday bread.

I’m photographing love stories in a unique unintrusive way. I believe your photography should not take you away for a long time. It’s a special day and I care and put attention to that you won’t miss the best part of your day.


I’m not only photographing wedding ceremonies around Sligo, but I’m also travelling extensively around Ireland’s fabulous venues to document vows for alternative couples. Photography of beautiful moments is quite demanding but gives me great pleasure when I’m asked to do it on your special day.

I photograph weddings in most Sligo venues: Markree Castle, Juniper Barn, Temple House and many more hotels in the area that organise weddings.

With my massive experience as a creative photographer in Sligo, I gather over the years of photographing. I keep my quality high and try to create unusual photos from your day rather than traditional ones. This is why you might not see typical poses or traditional wedding pictures when you flick through my website. I like to include a great landscape when creating an album. This is the advantage of the place I’m living in.

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Sligo Wedding Photography

County Connaught especially Sligo and Donegal offer endless locations which is a perfect backdrop. You can explore the amazing coastline of the Atlantic and create those moody-looking adventurous windswept shots. You can hike a bit and take great portraits in the Darty Mountains. It could be Knocknarea in Strandhill or Benbullben, it creates a dramatic background when combined with moody clouds.


My wedding photography work has been recognised by many world photography bodies and win many awards over time. My work has been featured in most Irish wedding magazines and blogs. Also, the best way to check credibility is to read real bride reviews in one of the website sections or just check my google 5-star rate.

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Sligo Photographer


I would like to share with you some base of knowledge about top wedding venues and suppliers in the Sligo area from the wedding photographers in Sligo perspective. I think photographers and videographers are those who experience a lot during the day. Most of the time we start in the morning and finish after the first dance. Plus photographing close to 500 celebrations so far gives me an idea of how to organise the perfect day with wedding photography Sligo.


  • Pink Lime Video – Mark and Caroline
  • Wanderlust Wedding – Stephen Kilfeather

Flowers: both local-based services in Markre castle and Sligo

  • Leitrim Flowers
  • Olga from Flowershed

Band and Music: awesome wedding bands for your party and singers for your ceremony.

  • Mass Band
  • Dj Groove
  • Sinead Conway is an amazing singer for your ceremony.

Makeup there is a great selection, all highly experienced makeup artists.

  • Sharon McCormac
  • Anette Marshal
  • Ann Young
  • Marcela McGovern
Sligo Wedding Strandhill
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Timing is very important. I’m not a big fan to be too strict in this field, but… There are a few easy ways how you can avoid delays and have a relaxed morning. Location – the best option is to have everything in one place. Morning prep, your ceremony, dinner and party. It’s a no-brainer.

I see hundreds of brides and I’m 100% sure when you have them all in one place, you are much calmer. No stress about the car, about traffic etc. You can easily check and do the last-minute fixing to your ceremony room to your table plan because you are just there. No drama. So if you planning your wedding at the moment and thinking about having it all in one venue- it’s a great idea.

I heard ohhh… but it cost extra to hire a room in the venue. Right, it cost extra but you do not need a car! Sometimes two cars right? Another great advantage to getting ready in the venue is that you have a service. If you need tea or coffee they will serve you, most of the time they serve food also. So your mum and dad do not have to run to the shop or make breakfast for all parties! wedding photographer Sligo

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Being a Sligo wedding photographer there is one more thing I would like to look at it from a photography perspective. I have been visiting some amazing houses with lots of natural light flooded inside, space rooms etc. which are crucial factors to create the best environment for your pictures. But most of the time there is a lot of personal belonging, quite small space and its hard to keep the place clean during morning preparation.

Mornings are quite busy and yes all the paper bags, suitcases and all sorts of things you need that day lay all around the place. It’s hard for your professional to avoid it. We focus to capture moments so not always have time to remove something from the background. And let’s face it:) we are there to help you to remember the best day.

For daily updates, you can always catch Sligo wedding photography on my INSTAGRAM

Sligo Wedding Photography
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