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The pictures that you produced were mind-boggling. We could not believe somebody could be this good. PAM & SCOTT

Couple Photos Ireland I have travelled all around Ireland and captured some truly amazing elopement photos . The experience has been wonderful and I have learnt a lot in these years. I still discover some great locati... VIEW MORE One Frame From Sligo Wedding VIEW MORE SOMETHING SWEET – WEDDING CAKE Something sweet on blog:) If you looking for a wedding cake worth to have a look. From "naked cake" and "cheese cake" till hand painted one! VIEW MORE Analog camera Analog cameras using for shooting weddings. This Weather, amazing today!!! Like every year summer is time to have even more fun when shooting weddings, long days more light, time to explore film.... VIEW MORE The Dress One of winter weddings here in North-West Ireland . Muireann wearing beautiful delicate French lace style wedding dress with a bohemian feel. Details are amazing. VIEW MORE Chania Crete OLD VENETIAN PORT CHANIA CRETE Bit of sun on my blog today for all of you:) Great moment when your film is back from scan. I love technologyy and hate waiting ...but shooting on film and waitin... VIEW MORE Mamiya {film shooting} They are not perfect , you can get better results on digital, but far more fun and excitement with film , this is why i really like it:) Fuji 400 and portra 160 here developed by UK Film Lab.  ... VIEW MORE Mobile Phone Photography look back 2015 Photographing with phone is actually very easy, as long as you follow some important guidelines on focus, exposure, composition and photo editing. For me my phone is... VIEW MORE Medium marriage {Mamiya + Sekor} It is always nice moment when your scans arrived:) This time from Carmencita Film Lab. It is so much fun to shoot  and even more when you have a quick peek on them. VIEW MORE Wedding Ballymagarvey Village Wedding of Lisa and Patrick. Ireland VIEW MORE