The Millhouse Wedding Slane

Wedding ceremony in The Millhouse, wedding venue in Slane
Wedding in The Millhouse Slane

I have been photographing a lot of weddings in The Millhouse wedding over the last 10 years. Millhouse Slane is always one of my favourite venues in Ireland. It’s an absolutely beautiful wedding venue with character. With very elegant contemporary chick rooms, with beautiful views on river Boyne, it’s a luxurious venue not only for weddings but also a great escape for group bookings.

You won’t find their manicured garden but instead quirkiness and industrial vibes which makes it so different and special. During summer weddings you can organise outdoor ceremonies even in Ireland! Here are a few other examples of alternative weddings I photograph.

The charming and alternative venue

Not sure where to start. First thanks big thanks to Adelle and Stephen to choose me I’m really grateful I can witness what happens that day! The Ceremony in old Mill was something special. As a photographer after so many weddings, I thought I saw everything. crying groom, beautiful brides, great music… but I did not.

It’s amazing how sometimes we discover something new. I was really touched emotionally when Stephen brother gets his guitar during the ceremony and started singing, even now I can remember this moment. It was beautiful (saying this being totally music ignorant:)  

You can see on the photos groom reaction, it was real it was something he can not hide. Moments like this remind me how cool my work is. Weddings like this one keep me believing I can experience something new something that gives me the energy to bring my photography to another level even by a small step.

Choosing The Millhouse Wedding Venue

The Millhouse is the most beautiful wedding venue in Slane. love shooting weddings at the MIllhouse. This building has been a top choice for many wedding parties. There is also enough space to have whatever sized wedding that you want. Whatever it will be in The Mill or in their Marquee style function room.

There are quite a lot of venues you can choose to organise your wedding day in Ireland. This one in Slane only 40 min drive from Dublin has it all you need. From extraordinary mill where you can tie the knot, the manor house with a quirky design to surroundings offers alternative backdrops. Industrial stairs at the side of The Mill or famous old blue door in the former museum of transport.

Update: for much more pictures you can always check my Instagram profile or just simply email me and I will be happy to send you some slideshow from a more recent Millhouse wedding.


Bride in Millhouse Slane

Ohh … so natural look, so stylish dress. Believe me or not but Adelle did not have a pro makeup done. All that you see in photos is her natural skin! It’s very rare you can photograph a bride with just lips touched! It works great when it comes to photos.

Why I’m writing about this? Well, it’s important if you like your photos to look good. Having too much make-up or tan compared to groom which does not have any. You can end up with a big difference in your skin tones. It will be difficult to achieve a natural look if you would like to have one. No, I do not recommend to do not having make-up done:).  Just adore what Adelle decide to go for as results, in my opinion, is so good.

So… I would like to share with you their day in the below series of pictures. If you like to see some more of my recent photography in The Millhouse you can always find me on Instagram.