I would like to introduce you to Segrave Barns Dunany. A stunning and unique wedding barn venue on the east coast of Ireland which you can hire exclusively for your own wedding . It’s actually three different barns there and every single one has own charm.


Willow Barn is an intimate, spacious barn perfect for wedding catered ranging from 50 to 250 guests with great success For concerts the numbers can increase to 300 guests. With Dunany Pint bar at siede creating cosy atmospheric weddng Venue


Holly Barn can be used as a ceremony room, drinks reception.


Ashtree Barn is most of the time used by brides for getting ready on wedding morning where we all make-up artists, photographers, videographers and hairdressers start a morning with cup of coffee:)


I come to Segrave Barn in the morning to photograph the same-sex marriage of John and Emmet. Straight on when I met them, you feel that the wedding is going to atbe relaxed and more like a party than a posh celebration. And this is what I like when it comes to wedding- PARTY. Great atmosphere created by amazing people around.

These guys know what they want and they create something extraordinary.

You know its quite different when it comes to guy wedding, there is no white dress:) So it makes extra easy and you can get photos done before the ceremony. Saying this you save a lot of time for mingling with guest after. This is what we did and it works magic. Emmet and John have plenty of time to spend with their friends.


Of course the option was outdoor. There are 2 options or even more where you can have a ceremony in Segrave Barns

1.Old small Barn on site

2.Amazing outdoor space in wood with fairy lights, wooden seats and arch build from wooden bells which look so impressive and is a perfect fit into woodland.

Drink reception is also a nice place. You have a long old barn where extra friendly staff serving all drinks and food. There is also an outdoor area with seat etc. It’s kind of DIY place so you can decorate it on your own choice I think.

Barn – Oh !! This is a real barn just check how amazing it looks inside with big wooden doors and beams.

The food- I have been on two different weddings there this year and once it was a buffet style and once served, both times it was a great experience just delicious and it’s quite an important factor when you choose wedding venue!

The place is run by two gentlemen and I can ensure you they are professional and so easy going in the same time, best mix.

I will definitely back to Segrave Barns for more weddings, and I know they will be as special as two other I shoot there in 2018.

So let’s check those photographs below to see Segrave Barn below.

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