Fun colourful Tippi wedding in Galway

tipi wedding ireland
Tipi wedding Galway -Ireland

Tipi weddings are cool- admit it. It’s not usually set up for a wedding for sure. Not everyone likes to have a traditional wedding venue. This time it was a fun colourful festive party in Galway with tipi tent. It was one of the most amazing wedding i photograph. It requires a lot of work to set not only tipi’s but also to decorate it. When it’s done you won’t regret it as it looks phenomenal.


There is few companies in Ireland that you can hire tipi from, They will set it up for you also. This time it was Magnakata Tipi

The middle of March, Galway –  the wind and rain attacked the West Coast. But Peadar and Olivia were one of the most fantastic and lovely people to work with, and they put on an awe-inspiring with the tipis showing their true worth. I loved the flags – very medieval

Catering by Green Olives