Garden Wedding in Ireland?

Some of us might think …is it even possible:)
What do you need to know to organise the great garden wedding in Ireland?

Sun I shinning you have a perfect location surrounded by woodland, in mountain or by the sea. It could be nice to have a charming alfresco party with family and friends just in your own house!

You need to be brave, you need to do a lot of preparation, and it will be not only yourselves also your friends and family who will help you to make it happens.
There is a lot to do. You will need to prepare your garden to be a place where your wedding guests can feel comfortable. What this might be?

As you can see in this wedding bride and groom hire a small glamping tent for their guests.

Dining at Garden Party
Marque or tipi. You need to hire and find a secure space to fit it. Remember it can rain so if you hire a tipi without actual floor it can be flooded! So smart setup is a good idea. I saw it before!

Outdoor or Indoor Garden Ceremony
Church weddings are still popular but most of the time its ceremony on site, sometimes its outdoor ceremony, but you need plan B in case of weather will be bad. Here you can see that couples convert their tin shed into the ceremony room. Probably when you asked your dad. Hey, I’m going to be married in your shed! he will look at you and …. he will think you are joking right:)

Well with a bit of creativity and some work you can convert the strange looking place into something cool, original and beautiful.
Garden weddings are most beautiful and cool parties I ever had a chance to photograph. I have few more garden parties to share with in future. I hope when winter comes I will have much more time to blog and show you some amazing wedding photos from all over Ireland

Dress: Beau Bride Nass

For makeup: Michele Field

Dining: Tipi Tent

Bride & Groom getting ready: Morning in a beautiful location, just by the Atlantic Ocean.

Wedding ceremony:

Yess! So cool and creative decorated tin shed. As you can see couples use jute material and wooden bales with flowers as the background. With big paper decorations, bulb lights and ivy garlands make usual shed looks so cool. It’s up to you, there is no limit and you do not have to spend a fortune.


Great garden weddings offer you a lot

You have everything close by. You might save some money on accommodation, morning getting ready room, a car etc. But there is much more other cost involved when you organise it. For example the toilets! you need to hire it. Also catering company. There is a lot cost involved so it’s not cheaper really than a wedding in the typical venue. But in my opinion, there is something that atmosphere which is hard to find at any other wedding I photographed.

Tiffany and Wyne’s location was perfect for photos. We have cliffs we have a bit of forest a garden you can not go wrong with a location like this. Who knows maybe we will see some more garden celebrations in this place:)