Rathsallagh House Wedding  Anna & Ken

Today i show you beautiful Rathsallagh House Wedding i photograph during Christmas. Rathsallagh is one of most prestigious wedding venues in Wicklow, with many awards for hospitality and food.

Winter, Winter… Winter Weddings. Some of us like it more than others. Its cold, its getting dark very fast which makes couples bit in hurry to make sure they will be able to get photos before dusk.

If you are considering best option to get photos taken during winter weddings :

  • you can start ceremony earlier (you save some time and will be able to take photos before dark)
  • skip congrats after ceremony (go straight for photos after ceremony)
  • you can do first look before wedding ceremony and take some pictures (its ok but your dress might get dirty if is wet)
  • or just go with the flow and relax:)

Anna and Ken definitely choose the last one and in my opinion its a winner choice. All what you looking from your big day is having great time with you friend and family and enjoy each other companion. And you can see exactly from every single photo they have a great fun all the time . Anna is one of those people with bubbly personality, you meet her once and you feel comfortable. She is smiling , well maybe better word is  laughing of loud all the time:) Check her totally amazing Vintage feel look!

We have a brilliant time during our photo session i Rathsallagh House. Weather was great . Crispy and bit cold, but heyyy.. who cares as long it is not raining at that time of the year in Ireland. After glass of champagne, we quickly explore all surrounding of venue. Thorough their amazing gardens, tennis court, went thorough all possible bushes and finish in most famous spot, which is big lighten up tree (a must place to be photographed when you have Rathsallagh House Wedding.

Anna, Ken thanks so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding. It was pleasure for me to be there.

Check their wedding slideshow with music here.