There is a  gap between what i can achieve and what i want achieve it is slightly pushed, but not overwhelmed. The goal is not too far out of reach but is still slightly more than i can handle at moment it is  challenge for me and there is a lot of Eustress:) Below few frames from various situations i have a chance to be. Landscape seams to be easier  when it come to shooting on film and manual focus it is bit harder when it come to weddings, or trying capture my boys :)DN070414EX005064 7DN070414EX005064 8random mamiya 5DN070414EX005064 5random mamiya 10random mamiya 6DN070414EX005062 8DN070414EX005062 2DN070414EX005062 4random mamiya 9random mamiya 7DN070414EX005060 10DN070414EX005063 7random mamiya 3random mamiya 2DN070414EX005060 3DN070414EX005064 16DN070414EX005060 4random mamiya 8DN070414EX005064 12