Glendalough Wicklow Elopement Ireland

Its always nice to put some story together with pictures to make story even more realistic. So here is few words from Taylor and Chris.

Chris and I have been dating since 2005, when we were just teenagers. It was fate that we were brought together on New Year’s Eve after a crazy night out.

We dated for 10 years before Chris and I decided we were ready to get married and he surprised me on our ten year anniversary. We were at our favorite beach in Florida, Clearwater beach under the giant moon overlooking the ocean.  For years I had told the world, he and I would get married in Ireland one day.

When we got engaged we thought, “are we actually going to do this? So far from home? By ourselves?? In another country?” But we knew in our hearts, it’s what we always longed for and we decided to follow our dream.

It was the best two weeks of our lives and our wedding day is one I will never forget.

I remember every second of the day, the getting ready, to the look on his face when we first saw each other, to running in the rain to get our final shot. We feel like those emotions are sometimes forgotten in a big wedding.

For us, this was important to remember and eloping made that possible. A day, dedicated to just us, after we dedicated so much of ourselves to each other over the past 11 years. We deserved it and we cherish our wedding day so much because of it.

Here we are 6 months later expecting our first baby! Our love story continues and we are grateful for the time we shared in the most beautiful country in the world, Glendalough in Wicklow, Ireland!

Thank you Darek! Love following your Instagram. All your photos are stunning. We got incredible compliments on your work and are so grateful we were able to connect with you!

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glendalough wicklow elopement