confetti throw at outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland
Outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland


Let’s go outside and get married! There is no better setting for a wedding than your own organic farm with marquee overlooking a lake. I would like to write something about this outdoor wedding Ireland, but there is so much history in this place and in this family. I think I will post something later from this amazing outdoor ceremony at Lake View Farm in Ireland.

I hope Hannah and Will find some time to share the amazing story with you. I can only give you a bit hint: “By endurance we conquer” -The Shackleton family motto

Organizing all fresco wedding could be difficult if you like to do it in Ireland. You always need to have plan B in case of weather won’t behave as you wish. However to be honest I photograph quite numbers of weddings in private houses and do not remember that bad weather ruin it. If you think about organizing this kind of celebration, do its great experience not only for you but its something different for your guests.

One of the main factors, when you organise an farm wedding at your own house, is a date! You can pick any date you like without worrying if the venue is free or not! Main things you need to care about is logistic. Power, restrooms, insurance, parking and do not forget cleaning after the party. If you need some suppliers recommendation let me know and I will be happy to send you a list. Also, a good place to read some ideas and tips is going to one of the Irish blogs where you can find additional information about it. You can try this article.

Hope you enjoy watching photos from this amazing outdoor farm-style wedding I photograph in Co. Meath