Analog camera

Analog cameras using for shooting weddings.

This Weather, amazing today!!! Like every year summer is time to have even more fun when shooting weddings, long days more light, time to explore film. Not sure why….It could be a feel, time, colour?  There is something i like to do it sometimes, maybe just test:) But it force me to slow down to think which is great as sometimes everything go fast, to fast. Scans are from one and only  UK Film Lab​  as always top quality service.

mamiya8 DN031114001030-14 mamiya4 DN031114001030-10 mamiya7 DN031114008395-01 Templetae-700x527 mamiya6 mamiya1 mamiya9 DN031114001034-12 mamiya3 DN031114001035-28 mamiya5 DN031114001033-14 mamiya2