Dublin City weddings have become very popular recently. You have a good choice of restaurants for smaller weddings and other places which offer organized wedding.

The best part about getting a city wedding in Dublin is that you get natural access to the beauty of this place. The city is interesting and we all know that. However, it looks even better from within lenses even if it is a regular day. The wedding dresses look brilliant on the backdrop of a regular Dublin work day.

I am sure you know that there’s no shortage of wedding photography locations in Dublin. Every area has a perfect frame if you want to shoot there and on top of all these, we have the beautiful city centre. Trinity College Dublin, Phoenix Park ,Temple Bar and a few other iconic spots that will help you remember your wedding for a really long time.

What are the key benefits of having a city wedding in Dublin, according to me?


When you are having a Dublin city wedding, you can be rest assured that everything is close-by. You don’t have to move around a lot to find a great coffee place, a great ice-cream place for the bridesmaid, or most importantly, you don’t have to move around to find great photo locations. Dublin is a great place for wedding photography because of the classic landscape and beauty all around the city.

No matter where you stand, you will always find yourself in the perfect landscape for a great photo.

If you are wondering about whether your guests will be able to make it at the perfect time or not, that’s also covered with the brilliant commute system in Dublin. All in all, Dublin is possibly the best place to make your wedding happen.


That’s the most important of all. When you are in Dublin for your wedding photography, you can be rest assured that there’s something to tell in every frame. Whether it is the beautiful Trinity College, the parks or the lake, you will find great photo opportunities everywhere.

Even if you don’t go for landmarks and stick to the basics of roads, bus and luas, it is still interesting as the class and aesthetics are beyond imagination.

If you look at some of my Dublin city wedding portfolios, you will see that I hardly tried to create a setup for my subjects. Everything was natural for most parts and the results came out amazing. That’s what is brilliant not only about this city in Ireland .

And of course, the city never fails to amuse you in every frame. That’s an additional bonus.

One from the past . City Urban Wedding. Check Maria dress !

Dublin City wedding celebration …and oh my god, such a beautiful day it was. If you looking for a place for your ceremony Trinity College or Citty Hall is an absolute number one in Dublin, but one of you has to be a student, member of staff or have graduated from the College within the past 12 years to be married there!

Maria and Stephan have a great idea to step into Robertas pub before they start celebrating after. It works also for photography. We have much more time and opportunity to get photos when walking through the Old Town,  instead of drive a car. Really recommend this. If you get married in Dublin City and have a chance to choose close locations to each other (ceremony /drink reception) do it. Walking between them will really add city vibes on photos Just have a look at photos how cool and relaxed this wedding was. And yes Aoife never stop smiling and her smile is addictive to everyone.


  1. Getting ready in the city centre
  2. Meeting groom and boys in centre
  3. Ceremony
  4. Walk through town
  5. drink reception in a pub on the way to the venue
  6. drink reception in Robertas
  7. Dinner and Party