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Roberta’s Restaurant Wedding Dublin

Restaurant weddings have become very popular recently. You have a good choice of restaurants for smaller weddings and other places which offer organised weddings. One of those places is Robertas in the Temple Bar area in Dublin. The venue is perfect for an intimate celebration. Especially if you planing a bit of drink reception on the way to your restaurant. Roberta’s offer a delicious Italian menu, fancy cocktails, a glass of wine or most beloved bubbles.

This small beautiful decorated restaurant is located on Essex Street right in the heart of the city. You can enjoy amazing views of the Liffey and busy temple Bar street streets on the other. If you choose Roberta’s you can not go wrong. It’s the perfect place to celebrate your special day or start the night wedding celebration in the town. If you’re a fan of urban weddings, Roberta’s might be just the ticket. The best part about having a wedding in the city is that you get natural access to the beauty of Dublin, which can be great on the backdrop for your wedding pictures. Let’s have a peek at the one from the past. Roberts restaurant wedding. And do not forget to have a closer look at Maria dress!

Maria and Christian have a great idea to step into Roberta’s pub before they start celebrating. It works also for photography. We have much more time and opportunity to get photos when walking through the Old Town,  instead of drive a car. Really recommend this.


  1. Getting ready in the city centre
  2. Meeting groom and boys in the centre
  3. Ceremony
  4. Walkthrough town
  5. drink reception in a pub on the way to the venue
  6. drink reception in Robertas
  7. Dinner and Party