Connemara Wedding Photography

Where to start,  and what to write about Connemara Wedding Photography? This is most common question when i sit and try hard to write something. Anything about couples or photographs I’m  blogging. It’s like a fight for me:) Sorry if sometimes my writing makes no sense or is not grammatically correct. I hope you still enjoy flicking thorough pictures as they are most important part of what i do.

This time i like to show you very special wedding for me. I shoot on west coast of Ireland, which is my home place. Connemara Sand venue is set exactly on Wild Atlantic Way near Galway, one of most scenic route in Europe and definitely extremely beautiful part of country. I’m not big fan of landscape photography but it always change when i visit Connemara, specially in nice weather! It is unforgetable experience to see how gorgeous surrounding we are living. If you never been there, its a must see place in West of Ireland!

And this is exactly what happens to Jeroen and Liz, who came over form Holland to get married here in Ireland. They have a party in the greatest part of Ireland with sun shining thorough whole day. This was a really moving ceremony in old Irish church with some amazingly talented musician. I love multinational nuptials , there is always something new , something original and for all wedding photographers it is a challenge and sometimes fun to:)

It was slightly different order than typical Irish wedding . Dinner start straight after church and than whole guests walk to beach for bit of relax and fun. It was good and than we just jump out quickly to take few photos. Liz was so happy and fun , you can see her happy face in every photo . She even decide to take of shoes (who cares) and get in to the ocean with kids for waves jumping.

So.. yes for Connemara weddings. Finger crossed i will gete more Connemara weddings this year in area similar to this one.