Bit of sun on my blog today for all of you:) Great moment when your film is back from scan. I love technologyy and hate waiting …but shooting on film and waiting for results, just make me more happy with photography:) It has some practical advantages also when you are on holiday, you do not have carry a big/ expensive camera/lenses,i simply left all on beach and jump into sea, and enjoy my free time.
Have a look for my reportage, all Nikon f80 and mix fuji/kodak films. This time from old venetian port Chania area in Crete. As always developed by so good UKFilm Lab.


Crete Darek Novak Personal16 Crete Darek Novak Personal14 Crete-greece-4 Crete Darek Novak Personal6Crete-greece-6Crete Darek Novak Personal2Crete-greece-5 Crete-Darek-Novak-Personal21 Crete-greece-8 crete-5 Crete Darek Novak Personal15 Crete-greece-2 Crete Darek Novak Personal8 Crete-greece-7 Crete Darek Novak Personal13 transport in chania,chania creete Crete Darek Novak Personal3 cats in greece Crete Darek Novak Personal18 Crete Darek Novak Personal19 small streets in old venetian port in chania crete-7 empty beach in chania creete chania-creete Crete-greece-1 Crete Darek Novak Personal9 Crete-greece-9 Crete Darek Novak Personal12 Crete Darek Novak Personal17