This post is not personal to anyone, it is about educate, not all of us must have a knowledge about it. So…:)
As a wedding photographer i take photos than i edit them or develop in lab (in big shortcut)
We (photographers) can hear and experienced it more often recently ” CAN YOU PHOTOSHOP IT”?
I can of course “photoshop it” but it is not what i do. This term is connected to graphic designers, retouchers… not really to photographers. I can remove some spot, little object this not required big skills or programs and not take a lot of time. To give some better example it is like ask your GP can he do a surgery, he know medicine he has some knowledge, he will be better on it than a lawyer or builder but he won’t be best person to do it:) same as photographer is not best choice to do serious retouching on photos.
bad photosho skills
If you ask me ” My cousin was in toilet when you took this gorgeous photo of his friend, can you photoshop him in? He would love to be in this photo” My answer is i can not, as it won’t look good. You need than retoucher to sit on this photo for few hours and make it (probably not always with best results or sometimes it won’t be possible either).
Photographer take a photos and edit them (adjust tone,colour, exposure etc makes photos to look like their are from one set)
Below example photo is just to make my point more clear, i was never asked by Sarah or Scott which wedding i shoot when i take this photo to do it:):)
There was just bit of fun at wedding when i take this photo and i thin it suite to this post.
If you ask me to photoshop someone to your existing photo this is what you can expect. This is how things really are:).