Unique Mount Druid Wedding Photographs

An alternative venue in  Castletown, Co. Westmeath. Here is a quick guide with photos to show you how it looks inside and outside step by step. I had the pleasure to photograph The Mount Druid wedding recently the wedding of Sarah and Juno on Mount Druid. This is one cool place to get married with a lot of character and hiding spots which are great for creating a bit different than traditional photographs.


Mount Druid Wedding tin chapel painted red is an amazing place for your ceremony is so alternative and has great lighting to make sure you get good quality photos filled with natural light. And this is what I really like there. It allowed me to capture pictures the way I like them to look. Another good point about the chapel is its a quite big so it can accommodate a good number of your wedding guests without squeezing them. You can check the photos below to get an idea of how cool it looks inside and outside.


Another great thing about this venue is they have all on-site. you can get ready in their Granary House which again is beautifully decorated and just created to take some amazing photos. There is a lot of natural light and space to do it. And you are quite hidden from the groom in the morning as it’s settled in the middle of a small woodland area surrounded by trees.


So after the ceremony you simply can walk to your reception as it is a short distance between them, you do not really need a car. That means you save!

Boat House is what they call their drink reception place. Settled by the pound in a scenic location with lots of quirky details inside. You have to see to appreciate.


Is their dining room nice? O yessss! It’s so different. Not the usual wedding room. It has a kind of festival party vibes, with all colours and long tables and bulb lights above. A really outstanding place if you are not a fan of traditional wedding places.

The food is again great. Not sure it’s always the way I saw it being there a good few times when I was photographing weddings there. It’s buffet style. So it’s quite quick served and it’s tasty believe me, they know how to do it!

How did you find your venue?

We found it on google by typing in alternative weddings Ireland, without knowing this was actually the website address at the time for our venue. We viewed the venue on another trip home and it was the first and only place we looked at…Mount Druid wedding is the perfect place for weddings.