Drury Buildings Restaurant wedding

Not every wedding has to be a big celebration with white dress right?

Anna and Paul are the best proof of this, there was no white dress and no big ceremony, but there was an amazing day schedule included a boat trip on Dublin Canal, small siesta and hell of the party afterwards in Drury Buildings Restaurant. It was so nice to see how few creative minds transform kind of industrial space into a cosy environment where they drink, dance and laugh the whole night.


Drury Buildings on Drury Street in the city centre is a restaurant venue where you can have a wedding party and dinner.

What an amazing wedding to be shared soon with all of you! Intimate wedding with family and friends and what a style. This two never stop laughing, one of the happiest people ever had a chance to photograph :) Anna and Paul I really enjoying every minute of the party. It was great to hang around Dublin city for photos with you. It was my first time in Drury Buildings, which is so cool and alternative venue for anyone who plans Dublin city wedding. Hope I will have the whole story to future here soon.

Bride and Groom at front of Drury Buildings restaurant in Dublin
married on main street in dublin city
wedding couples at photo session in city
front of drury building restaurant in dublin
inside Drury Buildings
table decoration in dublin restaurant
inside industrial wedding venue in dublin city
Dublin restaurant wedding
Main entrance to drury buildings restaurant in Dublin .
drury building celebration dublin
Dublin restaurant wedding
Dublin restaurant wedding