Millhouse Wedding: Wedding Ceremony in The Millhouse

I know I have not been blogging for a while. Its crazy busy time of the year for every wedding photographer. It will be even busier with all weddings I have to be shoot all over Ireland but will try to update my blog as much as possible. I can skip this wedding as it was special, very special. Not only because two amazing young people tie the knot in one of the most recognised venues around Dublin “The Millhouse”. This extraordinary millhouse wedding celebration is proof of how great you can plan your wedding if you stick with the simple rule: organize everything in one place! Adelle and Stephan do exactly this, even with planning a wedding from abroad as they work and living in Uk. Everything, the whole day was smooth.


For me, as a photographer who witnesses so many weddings, I can easily see how relaxed and a stressless day is if couple stay in the same place, get married in the same place and the whole party is in the same venue. We have a lot of time from the morning preparation thorough ceremony, drink reception etc. The Millhouse wedding had a great potential also for wedding photos, with various background from industrial stairs, doors, walls but there is also an orchard, river, rocks you can use whatever suits best. I saw recently also so many wedding venues have a massive dining room to accommodate as many guests as possible but take care less about space for guest during drink reception. This is what many couples do not consider when they plan their wedding. In result, you may end squeeze in few rooms with other 100+ guest. It’s not only bad for your guests to comfort but also makes nearly impossible for the photographer to takes some documentary style photos from your day. This is why Millhouse wedding guys build their new conservatory room to create much more space for mingling which I found so good. Big shout to you guys for such a great idea and makes your venue even better.

How Cool and Emotional Was Mill House Wedding

Not sure where to start. First, big thanks to Adelle and Stephen for choosing me as their Millhouse wedding photographer. I’m really grateful that I could witness what happens that day! The Ceremony in old Mill was something special, I’m there as a photographer after so many weddings I thought I saw everything, crying groom, beautiful brides, great music… but I did not. It’s amazing how sometimes we discover something new. I was really touched emotionally when Stephen brother gets his guitar during the ceremony and start singing, even now I can remember this moment. It was beautiful (saying this being totally music ignorant :)  You can see on photos groom reaction, it was real it was something he can not hide. Moments like this remind me how cool my work is. Weddings like this one keep me believe I can experience something new something what gives me the energy to bring my photography to another level even by small step.

The Bride

Ohh … so natural look, so stylish dress. Believe me or not but Adelle did not have a pro makeup done. All that you see on photos is her natural skin! Its very rear you can photograph bride with just lips touched! It works great when it comes to photos. Why I’m writing about this? Well its important if you like your photos to look good. Having too much make-up or tan compare to groom which does not have any. You can end up with a big difference in your skin tones. It will be difficult to achieve a natural look if you would like to have one. No, I do not recommend to do not have a makeup done :).  Just adore what Adelle decide to go for as results, in my opinion, is so good.

So… I would like to share with you their day in below series of pictures. If you like to see some more of my recent work you can always find me on Instagram or Facebook.